“Thank you so much for speaking at our Arizona Foster Kids Conference. Your interactive discussion about using your talents to find your purpose allowed our attendees to build their self-esteem by imagining new possibilities as they enter the job market. Your creative brainstorming techniques kept the audience interested and engaged. Your ideas were practical yet impactful. Your passion and caring were evident. I recommend Debby to any organization or school that needs to build the self-esteem of the group by understanding the unique talents of each individual.” 6/5/2017

-Ryan Kimble, Program Coordinator
JumpStart and RISE Programs at Phoenix Dream Center

“Debby came and talked to our Jr. High Ambassador group. The goal of the talk was to help the students become more comfortable with impromptu speaking. Debby made sure that the stories she told were relevant to our age group.  The students really enjoyed her speech and were immediately able to incorporate her simple tips into their practice of giving speeches. I recommend Debby to any school or organization that would like students to improve their speaking skills.” 08/07/2015

-Shelley Conner, Principal
Christ the King Catholic School

“Debby assisted the Arizona Disabled Sports’ Athlete Ambassadors with a presentation on the fear of public speaking based on the Toastmasters Int’l model as well as her own speaking experiences. She connected with the athletes and did research on them prior to the presentation to understand their level of need and to produce a successful outcome. Debby was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her.” 06/24/2015

– Nina Bernardo, Program Supervisor, CTRS
Arizona Disabled Sports Association

“Debby is an exceptional speaker and all-around wonderful lady! She is very professional, yet can bring humor to her presentations. She relates to her audience well, and they feel comfortable asking questions. I highly recommend Debby as a speaker, and look forward to many more opportunities to have her present to our audience of entrepreneurs!”

– Sarah Prosory, THINKspot Coordinator / Librarian III
Mesa Public Library AZ

“Debby Raposa is a wonderful speaker.
She spoke at our Women’s Networking Group on the topic of ‘Women & Joy – Your Best Cosmetic’. This was a very practical lecture on giving women the okay to be fabulous based on skills and talents we already possess. By doing so, we are giving ourselves permission to be the best we can be and to shine. By finding true joy in everything we do, we can succeed personally and professionally. Thank you Debby for speaking to us.”

– Emily Thrasher, Program & Events Coordinator

“Debby Raposa is an excellent public speaker. I not only enjoyed her presentation, I also learned practical tips that I was able to implement in my business right away. I highly recommend her to any organization looking for an effective and engaging speaker to inspire their members/employees.”

– Dr. Alisa Cooper

“Debby Raposa is a true mentor for women. When I began my membership in Meeting Professionals Int’l I appreciated her help, support and most importantly her belief in me to be the best of me I can be. Debby challenged me to take a leadership role which expanded my network, increased my effectiveness and enhanced my leadership skills. We talked about our past experiences, shared advice and she gave me practical mentorship tips on my forward movement. She gave me direction but left it up to me to create the opportunities. Her input and encouragement was what helped me to become a TV spokesperson on major network morning shows across the United States.”

– Kathleen Tomes

“I recently attended a fun and practical presentation by Debby where she provided ideas and creative solutions to problems when starting your own business. Her one-hour presentation was amazing both in terms of her ideas and her presentation style.  It was anything but conventional and never boring.  She immediately engaged participants in a stimulating dialogue among each other.  The resulting conversation was both practical and inspiring for any attendee interested in being successful in his/her own business.  Everyone seemed extremely accepting and receptive to Debby’s main points despite the fact that no one knew each other prior to her presentation. Thank you, Debby, for a memorable learning experience.”

– Fran Lowell, Speaker

“Debby Raposa is a wonderful public speaker. She gave a very inspiring presentation on how to market, promote, network and sell yourself and business – in other words, to make sure your message is heard. Her tips, stories and expertise were very motivating and encouraging.”

– Patti Oskvarek, NAPW Mesa Local Chapter President