Strive For A Higher Achievement

by | Jun 28, 2020

Now’s the time to start a new project.  Strive for a higher achievement.  Ultimately, it is your choice.  But people and situations can move you to make different choices.  Consider your emotional independence and what is important to you.  You deserve it.  During these turbulent times you might have run out of gas.  It might be difficult to stand in your own truth.  You might feel fuzzy or uncertain.  How can you find small ways to stand in your own truth?  There does not have to be a reason to want something.  It is just because it would add something to your life.  Validate your own feelings.  Be secure within yourself so you can unhook from outcomes that are not relevant to you.  Do not judge yourself by world standards.  Take whatever is said to you and see how it feels.  You will never feel successful if you are not authentic.  Aim higher, feel better.