The common thread among all of us…

…is the need to be heard and to know that what we say matters. Whether you are a student, a business owner, employee, organization or company, connecting better with others brings out your gifts. Your message is important. It needs to be heard. There is something that makes you special. Most people have a hard time recognizing and believing in their uniqueness. It’s important to share your story. There are people that want to listen.

Let Debby Raposa of Part of a Movement guide you to find your gifts so your voice can be heard.


“Thank you so much for speaking at our Arizona Foster Kids Conference. Your interactive discussion about using your talents to find your purpose allowed our attendees to build their self-esteem by imagining new possibilities as they enter the job market. Your creative brainstorming techniques kept the audience interested and engaged. Your ideas were practical yet impactful. Your passion and caring were evident. I recommend Debby to any organization or school that needs to build the self-esteem of the group by understanding the unique talents of each individual.”

Ryan Kimble

Program Coordinator, JumpStart and RISE Programs at Phoenix Dream Center

“Debby assisted the Arizona Disabled Sports’ Athlete Ambassadors with a presentation on the fear of public speaking based on the Toastmasters Int’l model as well as her own speaking experiences. She connected with the athletes and did research on them prior to the presentation to understand their level of need and to produce a successful outcome. Debby was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her.”

Nina Bernardo

Program Supervisor, CTRS, Arizona Disabled Sports Association

“I would highly recommend Debby for a guest speaker position at your organization. She addressed our November luncheon group at SGMP (Society of Government Meeting Professionals) about Leadership in her Stand Up and Stand Out presentation. Debby presents in a clear and concise fashion, adding humor and facts to make the presentation fun and interesting. Debby provides you with an easy to follow outline and delivers in a continuous upbeat and positive manner.”

Karen Davis, CTA

Booking & Sales Specialist, Mesa AZ Convention Center

“Debby came and talked to our Jr. High Ambassador group. The goal of the talk was to help the students become more comfortable with impromptu speaking. Debby made sure that the stories she told were relevant to our age group.  The students really enjoyed her speech and were immediately able to incorporate her simple tips into their practice of giving speeches. I recommend Debby to any school or organization that would like students to improve their speaking skills.”

Shelley Conner

Principal, Christ the King Catholic School

“Debby Raposa is an excellent public speaker. I not only enjoyed her presentation, I also learned practical tips that I was able to implement in my business right away. I highly recommend her to any organization looking for an effective and engaging speaker to inspire their members/employees.” 

Dr. Alisa Cooper

About Debby

Debby Raposa delivers a powerful message that’s not only inspiring and motivating, but packed with action steps that can help you improve your results in business and unlock your true potential. Drawing on more than three decades of entrepreneurial experience, working with clients, and serving on boards, her presentations provide key business insights for companies, women’s groups and professional organizations.

Debby’s mission is simple: to guide you to find your gifts and connect with others, in order that your voice can be heard—and that you can bring your own passion to the world. Whether you want to energize your workforce, train your staff for success, or do a better job of leveraging your personal strengths, her message will help you engage you in your own life and share your own story.

Debby is a Master Advertising Specialist and President of Idea Source Inc., a successful marketing company that has been in business for over 30 years. She belongs to the National Speakers Association, is a past member and officer of Mesa Toastmasters and past facilitator for the Toastmasters Leadership Institute. Debby has been affiliated with the meetings industry for 15 years and is a former VP of Communications & Membership for the Arizona Chapter of Meeting Professionals International as well receiving their Rising Star Award and Membership Recruitment/Retention Committee of the Year Award.

In dealing with employees, clients, vendors and associations for many years, she has come to understand the importance of Self-Worth and how it relates to outcomes and success. Debby’s message will help you to understand the importance of your own self-worth so you can stand up & stand out in business and in life.

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